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About Us

It is a real pleasure to be able to talk to you through the pages of our new website.

I sincerely hope that you find it interesting, informative and easy to navigate, and that it will live up to your expectations. With over 40,000 individual page hits to date, I can only surmise that there is something for everybody on it.

As with any new venture, it will grow & improve with time. We are continually trying to cover the issues that you want to read about, so feel free to contact our Webmaster, or any of the other contacts listed, with your ideas and comments, they will be appreciated I assure you.

With the high level of interest that our GB Teams, both Senior and Junior, are generating, make sure you visit the Sport Taekwondo UK website. All the latest information, reports, schedules and photos are posted right there. Just so that you know, Sport Taekwondo UK is responsible for the delivery of sports performance on behalf of the BTCB.

It is such an exciting time for all of us involved in the sport side of Taekwondo. There are so many opportunities that we are exploring to see our sport at the forefront of the plans for success on the medal rostrum. Such expectations and hopes can only keep us focused for the challenges ahead, so together we can help our athletes achieve success at European and World level, as well as achieving the ultimate accolade, that of Olympic glory.

I hope to keep you all informed of the developments as they happen as regularly as possible, so happy surfing, train hard and fight easy.